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NaturLoop is a Material Science
Company Based in Switzerland

We are specialists in working with coconut fibres and fostering a sustainable future through research and development of new materials.

By designing a unique technology to produce them on an industrial scale, we envision making ecological products a practical choice for the built environment.


the JourneY

NaturLoop was born out of a research project at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Materials and Wood Technology, aimed at creating a sustainable material from coconut fibers.

The company was founded by entrepreneurs passionate for circular economy – based emerging materials. Cocoboard®, the minimum viable product, advanced in the lab paving the way for industrialization plans to take shape.

The technology has been validated through an industrial pilot production in Europe. Panels are available for customer prototyping projects, as the official market entry in the region is set in motion.
To scale up the Cocoboard® technology, and make the most impact, we plan to build a manufacturing plant close to the source of the raw materials in top coconut – producing countries. .

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United by a Common
Spirit for Change

The NaturLoop team is an international, interdisciplinary group of individuals experienced in wood technology, engineering, and sustainable development. We share a purpose of disrupting the material sector and bringing sustainable innovation to the market.

Michail Kyriazopoulos

CTO and Co-Founder

Aira Ackermann

Marketing Manager

Daniel Dinizo

CEO and Co-Founder

Andrés García Vogel

Production Engineer

Working with
Local Partners

We’ve put together a competent team of people on the ground to work directly with farmers and develop a supply chain of coconut husks. The staff has more than 30 years of experience in the Philippine agricultural sector, relating to manufacturing and trading of coconut products.

Agnes Cristobal

Jerelle Marquez

NaturLoop supports
Local Farming Communities

We make use of available resources that would have gone to waste and integrate local farming communities in the value chain. Supporting these communities generate more jobs and helps preserve their cultural heritage as coconut farming has been part of cultures for centuries.

Coconut trees are also known for their ability to absorb carbon dioxide, helping reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere. We believe that a sustainable material is made from taking into consideration the well–being of everyone, and everything involved in the supply chain.

Naturloop Develops

Responsible and Renewable


Natureloop Develops Responsible and Renewable Materials.