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NaturLoop is Inspired by Nature

We designed our technology through a circular economy approach by minimizing waste in sourcing raw materials, ensuring efficient energy use in production, and developing product end-of-life scenarios.

How We Nurture

the environment

Sustainable consumption and production relate to ethically sourcing raw materials, energy- efficient manufacturing, reducing waste and pollution, and sustaining livelihoods of local communities.

By adopting sustainable consumption practices, the production of Cocoboard® has a lower environmental impact and contribute to more sustainable and equitable future.

Harmful Emissions

Zero Emissions Cocoboard emits lower (almost 0) formaldehyde emissions during it's production.


Reduced Land Use
Utilizing a byproduct does not demand clearing forests to make way for plantations.


Resource Upcycling
High value product is
created from unutilized husk
abundant in coconut farms

NaturLoop Aims for
Natural and Thoughtful Design

We love Coconut Fibres. We specialize in working with natural fibres and fostering sustainable development through engineering bio-composites from agricultural by-products and bio-based resin. Together with designing a unique technology to produce them in an industrial scale.

NaturLoop Aims for
Natural and Responsible Design

Brief Sustainability Report
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Environmental Certificate
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NaturLoop Works with Local Farming
Communities Throughout the
Supply Chain

NaturLoop works with Local Farming Communities throughout the Supply Chain

Cocoboard®  is
Sustainably Sourced

NaturLoop has established a local supply chain team in the Philippines to involve local farming communities in the value chain.

The team works directly with farmer cooperatives to make it easier for them to collect and process coconut husks, for example by establishing consolidation centers. This creates additional income streams for farmers, improving their welfare and livelihood.

The social impact of this approach is not limited to the Philippines, as there are plans to replicate the supply chain concept in other coconut-producing countries such as Northeast Brazil.

Pioneering Design for
Coconut-Based Panels

Cocoboard® is a natural, innovative panel made from Coconut husks fibers and bio – based resin, a. A formidable combination of functionality and design.