NaturLoop is a Swiss-based cleantech and material science company advocating sustainable development through the production of natural biocomposites. NaturLoop engineers biocomposites made from agricultural waste coupled with bio-based adhesives and develops the required technology to produce them on an industrial scale. The production concept is based on a unique turnkey micro-factory concept. We aim to develop innovative, commercially viable products which mitigate the continuous depletion of natural resources, while integrating local rural communities in the value chain.


Over half of the world’s tropical forests have been destroyed since the 1960’s, forcing many countries to implement logging bans, and green policies to protect the remaining natural resources. The limited availability of timber not only increased the prices of raw material but have made these countries heavily dependent on importing wood-based panels. On the other hand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India produce over 75% of the worldwide coconut demand. Globally, 21 million tonnes of coconut husk are generated annually, in which most are burned or dumped.


Coconut Husk + Bio-based adhesive = Cocoboard
Cocoboard® is an innovative natural panel made from the by-product of the coconut harvest, and bio-based adhesive.


As a technology provider, NaturLoop offers a full package solution including the production equipment and processing, bio-based adhesive and support services required to produce Cocoboard® on an industrial scale. The final result is an affordable and sustainable product, that fulfils local and international demand.

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Michail Kyriazopoulos CTO and Co-founder Michail has been working in the development and optimization of Cocoboard® technology since its conception in 2014. He has a background in Wood Technology and has been active in the field of natural based adhesives for the production of bio-based materials for the past 6 years. When he’s not pressing panels in the lab, he likes to cycle and rock climb. Daniel Dinizo CEO and Co-founder Daniel handles the business development of NaturLoop. Prior to coming to Switzerland, he worked as a solutions engineer and marketing manager for one of Canada’s largest mass timber manufacturers. He has a background in Material Science and Wood Innovation Management. During his free time, Daniel enjoys travelling and exploring new regions. Aira Ackermann Marketing Manager Aira manages the marketing activities of Cocoboard® in South East Asia. She has a background in sustainable development, having worked with various environmental non-profits for about 5 years, before finishing a business degree in Switzerland. When she’s not in zoom meetings, she can be found at home cooking pasta. Andrés García Vogel Production Engineer Andrés is responsible for designing the pioneer micro-factory needed to industrialize Cocoboard technology. He worked as an aerospace engineer for Airbus and Liebherr, before working in the field of biocomposites during his master studies. In his spare time, he enjoys nature and photography. Arne Wegener Product Developer Arne supports the product development of Cocoboard®. He has over 16 years of experience working with Swiss and German furniture manufacturers, where he managed various projects as a product developer and market specialist. When he’s not developing ideas on producing materials in a sustainable fashion, he spends his free time with his wife and two kids camping.


To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. Key to our strategy has always been to attract and retain people who share our passion about the kind of Company we are trying to build, based on our core purpose and values.